‘Breeder’ Review: Murky Mad-Scientist Mayhem From Denmark

‘Breeder’ Review: Murky Mad-Scientist Mayhem From Denmark
A Frankensteinian mashup of sci-fi and torture-porn horror tropes, . While there are vague pretensions toward seriousness in Sissel Dalsgaard Thomsen’s screenplay and Jens Dahl’s direction, this thriller ends up discomfitingly most reminiscent of 1970s Wip (women in prison) and Nazisploitation grindhouse fare, as well as gamy mainstream serial-killer potboilers like “Kiss the Girls.” Well-made but more than a bit ick, it’s being released to stateside digital formats by Uncork’d Entertainment on Jan. 11.

Mia (Sara Hjort Ditlevsen) is an equestrian training for the Olympics. She seems more comfortable in the company of her horse than husband Thomas (Anders Heinrichsen), though the complexities of their relationship (including apparent separate sexual peccadilloes) never get more than hinted at. In any case, such nuances soon prove irrelevant when circumstances fatefully entangle his home and work life.

He’s employed as financial chief for a shadowy project by one Dr. Isabel Ruben
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